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Community Service

PCA Potomac Community Service

All of us who find the time and resources to own and enjoy our Porsches on scenic drives, autocross, commuting, Saturday morning coffee gatherings, and DE events should feel grateful that your efforts have yielded these memorable experiences. Sharing memorable experiences with those less fortunate and needy bring full circle some of the most gratifying experiences we can enjoy.   During the long history of PCA Potomac, there have been many successful community service events that have brought smiles to all involved and further reinforce the mantra “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people”.

Our President’s vision for Potomac included revitalizing the Community Service Chair position to provide a focal point to ensure there are various Community Service events to appeal to everyone in Potomac. Through the efforts of many volunteers in Potomac, we have donated funding to charities, hosted kids for DE days, and provided volunteers/instructors for Tire Rack’s Street Survival program. We hope you will join your club members in donating time and funds to help all of our annual events successfully help our benefactors. If you know of other opportunities for Potomac to donate time, visit our events, and donate funds, please contact PCA Potomac Community Service Chair at communityservice@pcapotomac.org.

Wounded Warriors' Annual Rally

For our Service Members PCA Potomac has staged a Wounded Warriors Rally as a way to give back to those who have given to us.  Jim Benson, Director of Communications for the Veterans Affairs, and PCA Potomac member, arranged to have the event videotaped and aired on Armed Forces TV and broadcast to all US military facilities around the world.  Here is that video:


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