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Virginia Fall Foliage Drive

The Swap Meet was covered.

On the way to Hershey Drive & Dine 2017

Lighthouse Drive & Dine

Lighthouse Drive & Dine

Lighthouse Drive & Dine

Gettysburg along the way to Hershey 2017 Drive & Dine


2017 Group Photo

Drive & Dine


Drive and Dine is a touring activity where members to get to know each other better and enjoy their cars in a social, non-competitive atmosphere. A Drive and Dine event typically consists of a meeting place followed by an casual drive through the country, and lunch or dinner. The meeting point is usually some place convenient in Virginia or Maryland. The pace can vary from leisurely to brisk, but is alway safe, and the meals can range from basic to lavish based on the event. For longer trips we try to include some points of interest (national park, historic location, or fun activity) and we always, always take the scenic route!

These events are family friendly, and open to anyone who wishes to attend them with as many passengers as can be legally and safely held by the vehicle. You are welcome to come out solo, with your +1, a spouse of 1-50 years, or even bring the whole family! There is no tech requirement or vehicle restrictions for most events (Porsches preferred of course), but we will be driving on scenic, often twisty, country roads so please make sure that your vehicle choice is appropriate. Many events are limited by the capacity of the venues, so always try to sign up early to ensure your place. Staying safe and having fun is key to enjoying our Drive & Dines. To achieve these goals we ask everyone to observe the Drive & Dine Rules on the side bar. We have several events planned for the year, most of which take place on a weekend, please check the schedule on the sidebar for more information.

Commitment - Time & Money

What kind of commitment is required for a Drive and Dine event? Very little. Most events take place on a Saturday or Sunday and will consist of a designated morning or afternoon meeting point, followed by a one to three hours of driving, and then the dining/social activity. If you need to leave early, or only attend a portion of an event that's OK, but we can not accept late arrivals joining the group in progress during the drives due to legal reasons, and to ensure seating at the restaurant. The registration fees for events varies from free to $100s to cover the cost of the activity, club insurance, and materials for participants. We will either charge a fee upfront, or provide an estimate of dining costs for each individual event in advance and indicate we are going dutch.

Drive and Dine Format


Drive & Dine tours consist of an organized schedule with several parts. Not all parts apply to all events.

Meeting Point - We will meet at a convenient rally point somewhere in the greater DC Metro Area. Start times are typically between 9-10AM for Morning/Lunch Drives and Between 1-2PM for Afternoon/Dinner Drives, but may vary. Everyone signs in and a mandatory Drivers meeting will be held just before the Drive. We’ll go over the D&D rules and if we are aware of hazards along the way such as construction, recent precipitation, cyclists, or gravel roads, etc these will be discussed during the meeting. All cars will receive a handout including the agenda for the day with directions, and a route map as well as names and phones numbers for event leaders, attractions and restaurants we will be visiting during the day.

Drive - 2-3 hours of driving on scenic roads in a caravan of one or more groups depending on the number of cars. During the drive, we will stop briefly for a rest stop and gas at the Rendezvous Point(s). The Drive will focus on scenic rural roads with an emphasis on fun and safety. Passing is discouraged.

Rendezvous Point - These are points along our route where we plan to stop, and where cars who may have become lost or fell a little behind can catch up with the group.

Dining - After the drive, we may stop for lunch or dinner. Restaurants we go too will have ample parking and a variety of items on the menu. We try to find venues with unique and exquisite offerings to match our fine taste in cars! And the occasional ice cream cone. The restuarants’ capacity is usually the limiting factor on D&D events because most events sell out.

Attraction - We may try to arrange for the drive to coincide with a local point of interest, such as a museum or historical site.

Second Drive - If it is an all day/multi day event, we may have a several drives planned enroute to our final destination.

Dispersal Point - This is where we say good bye for now. Typically it's the same as the last restaurant or attraction we visited. If there was a second drive, then it will return us to a point near the Washington, D.C. metro area from where participants can head home.

Breakfast/Brunch Gatherings

First Saturday of the month in Manassas, Virginia

We will meet at City Grille in Manassas at 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.  The City Grille is perfectly located just off of I-66 providing us rapid access to some of northern Virginia's best scenic roads. The City Grille has indoor and outdoor seating, a comprehensive menu of delicious breakfast and lunch meals, and ample parking. Pile everyone into the Family Truckster (or even a Porsche!) and come out for a great breakfast and make some new friends. City Grille is located at 10701 Balls Ford Road, Manassas, VA 20109 and their website address is http://www.citygrillemanassas.com/.

Third Saturday of the month in Glen Echo, Maryland 

We will meet at the Irish Inn in Glen Echo, MD at 11:00 am - 1:00 pm on Saturday.  We have a private room upstairs, so just head upstairs. The Irish Inn is at 6119 Tulane Ave in Glen Echo, just off of MacArthur Boulevard, and can be easily accessed from the Clara Barton Parkway by taking the Washington/Glen Echo exit - the Irish Inn will be at the top of the ramp.  Take the Clara Barton Pkwy exit from the Beltway and taking this South to the Glen Echo exit. From the Glen Echo exit, make a left at the stop sign onto MacArthur Blvd. northbound, and the Irish Inn is immediately on your left.  There is parking in front and behind of the Inn, and there is additional parking up the road in front of Glen Echo Park. The Irish Inn website is http://www.irishinnglenecho.com/ and their phone number is (301) 229-6600.

Online Registration

Please register for each Drive & Dine with our online registration system (no registration is required for the Monthly Breakfast/Brunches, just show up) at http://www.pcapotomac.motorsportreg.com. Check the sidebar to see the Drive and Dine Schedule and you'll see what we have planned including a link for more details about it and to register.

Once you have registered, we will provide you additional details for each event. Payment via credit cards is preferred. If you wish to make other arrangements please contact the Drive and Dine Chair. We will require payment in advance for any event that includes a cost.

If have any questions, or you would like to help with the Drive and Dine committee by volunteering your time, or if you have a suggestion for an event you would like to see happen, please email us at: driveanddine@pcapotomac.org


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