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Potomac Region Member Awards


Enthusiast Of the Year Award Plaque

Tom and Pat Walker conceived the Enthusiasts of the Year award in 1990, when Tom was Potomac’s President. The concept of the award was to recognize the Potomac Region people who had in effect, participated in more region events than anyone else during the past year, and had given service to the club for many years. The theory is that participation means enthusiasm. Types of things that would qualify would be attending board meetings, participating in tech sessions, writing articles or working as a staff member for an event, participating in a wide variety of events such as concours, autocross, driving, rally, picnic, holiday party, taking and sharing pictures, wearing PCA lapel pins, carrying membership applications in each car to be able to pass these out to perspective members and always wearing your name tag and encouraging others to do the same. The field is wide open. The recipient traditionally receives a nice sheepskin recognizing the accomplishment presented at the Annual Volunteer and Awards Dinner as well as a PCA Potomac plaque. 





The award recipients are:

2019    Steve Bobbit

2018    Lara Peirce

2017    Ken Larson

2016    Ken D'Angelo

2015    John Vrankovich

2014    Michael & Pat Kaunitz

2013    Carol DeZwarte & John Walters

2012    Linda & Steve Gifford

2011    Craig Moen

2010    Craig Davidson

2009    Chris Wingfield

2008    John Eberhardt

2007    Gary Brindle

2006    John Magistro

2005    Tony Pagonis

2004    Mike Shaw

2003    Dirk Dekker

2002    Ann Marie Trew

2001    Kurt Mickelwait

2000    Manny Alban

1999    Don Wolfarth

1998    Ed Ruiz

1997    Betty Church

1996    Paul & Donna Amico

1995    Fred Smart

1994    Dave & Diana Love

1993    Tom & Pat Walker

1992    Bob & Kim Williams

1991    George Whitmore

1990    Chuck & Shirley Drake

Instructor of the Year

2019    Nader Fatouhi

2018    John Vrankovich

2017    Chip Taylor

2016    Carson Soule

2015    Susan Kimmitt

2014    Brian Walsh

2013    Ross McNair

2012    Dave McMahon

2011    Dan Dazzo

2010    Robert and Susan Mitchell

2009    John Sullivan

2008    Peter W. Kauffman

2007    Tom Phillips

2006    Michael Vietz

2005    Donna Amico

2004    Betty Church

2003    Alan Harod

2002    Dick Fleming

Founders' Awards

2016 Founders' Award:

  • Dan Dazzo

2014 Founders' Award:

  • Tuffy E of Year SheepskinVonBriesen

President's Awards

2019 President's Award:

  • Steve Wilson
  • Don Mattran
  • Glenn Havinoviski

2018 President's Award:

  • Glenn Cowan
  • Ron Flax
  • Michael Handelman
  • Brian Walsh

2017 President's Award:

  • Ed Hahn
  • David DiQuollo
  • Michael Sherman
  • Craig Davidson
  • Linda Davidson

2016 President's Award:

  • George Whitmore
  • Fred Phelps
  • Bob Mulligan

2015 President's Award:

  • Fred Pfeiffer
  • Annabelle Alvi
  • Alan Herod

2014 President's Award:

  • Sally Herod

2013 President's Awards:

  • Ron Davis
  • Gary Baker
  • Richard Seltzer

2012 President's Awards:

  • Dirk Dekker
  • Cindy & Tony Pagonis

2011 President's Awards:

  • Mark Francis
  • Michaela Shoop
  • Mia Walsh
  • Michael Handelman
  • Ken Harwood

Special Recognition

2016  John Magistro
2018  Harleigh Ewell


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