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Tech Inspection


TechTech Inspection sessions ("Shop Tech") are open to all PCA club members and individuals from other car marque clubs participating in the Drivers' Education (DE) activities with an approved vehicle. Even if you are not driving in a DE event you are encouraged to come out and meet fellow club members. If you have a new, or new to you, Porsche bring it along. You can have a knowledgeable tech inspector put your car on a lift and look it over and answer any (well, almost any) questions you might have about the care and maintenance of your car.

***  The tech dates and locations for the 2021 Drivers' Education (DE) season have been confirmed -- the schedule below is 'final' ***. See the Tech Inspection Schedule on the sidebar for the dates and locations. We recommend that you check back here to see if any changes have been made prior to attending a tech inspection, as dates, times and locations are subject to change. You can also check the Potomac calendar and the Dorkiphus.net forum for changes.

Basic Tech Requirements for Drivers' Education

Usually all DE participants’ cars must have a tech inspection performed within two (2) weeks of each DE.  For the 2021 season the inspection may be performed up to 30 days prior to the DE -- provided the car is not used in another high-performance driving event in the interim.

[For those who have been away for a few seasons, there were changes to the Tech Form in 2018 related to helmet types and the mandatory use of a HANS or similar head and neck restraint device when using harnesses.  Additionally, cars with automatic braking and/ or lane drift correction systems will not be permitted to participate unless the systems can be fully turned off for the track sessions; proof that the systems can be fully turned off must be provided (i.e., information in Owner's Manual, etc.)]


2021 Tech Inspection Form:  You will need this form completed and signed no more than 30 days prior to each DE event.  The Potomac-specific Tech Inspection form is required for all Potomac DE events.

There are two different inspections for each DE. The first is the pre-event tech inspection. This is done prior to each event and all participating cars are required to have this tech inspection (Shop Tech). During this inspection the car is put up on a lift and the inspector performing the work carefully goes over the car and fills out the front and top half of the second page and signs the tech form. This inspection is performed free of charge at the Potomac-run tech inspection sessions. Or you can take the car to any authorized Porsche service shop, although some shops may charge for this service. The shop technician must inspect your car while on a lift, complete the first page and top half of the second page, and sign the form. Be sure they fill out the shop information (name, address and phone number), staple a business card, and sign the inspection form.

All Potomac pre-DE Shop Tech events start at 9:00 AM and end by 12:30 PM. Note: there is a $20.00 charge for anyone arriving after 12:00 noon for a tech inspection, and no arrivals will be accepted after 12:15 PM, as we need to be cleaned up and cleared out of the shops by 12:30 PM. All proceeds from late arrivals go to one of the PCA Potomac charities.

Once your car has been inspected we recommend you put the completed and signed form in the glove box. This way it will not be at home when you are at the track trying unsuccessfully to complete the second part of your tech inspection (“Grid Tech”) and get registered.

The second part of the Tech Inspection process is performed at the track, and is known as "Grid Tech". Every car that will run on the track must have a Grid Tech inspection each morning. Grid Tech typically runs from 6:45 - 7:45 AM. Arrivals after 7:45 AM will be charged $20.00.  All proceeds from late arrivals go to one of the PCA Potomac charities. Late-arrival Grid Tech inspections will be performed at some point after the Drivers' Meeting and when the Tech Inspectors have had a chance to prepare for their first run session. Sometimes the inspection cannot take place until after the late arrival's first run session has taken place (i.e., you may have to miss your first run session).

If you have any questions about the tech requirements or tech inspections please contact tech@pcapotomac.org.

Note: Shop Tech inspections are not required for the High-Performance Driving Clinics (HPDCs). However, participants' cars will be inspected at the track the morning of the HPDC. The inspection times will be provided with the HPDC schedule.


***  SA 2010 helmets will be allowed for the 2021 DE Season ***

Helmets must be SA 2015 or SA 2020. SA stands for Special Applications and is made for use in cars and has fire resistance which M helmets might not have. M helmets are made for use with motorcycles and are not approved for DE for White, Black and Red run group drivers. M 2015 and M 2020 helmets are allowed for Green and Blue run group drivers, but SA rated helmets are highly recommended.  Please note the allowance for M-rated helmets may be eliminated at some point. So if you have caught the DE bug, but are still using an M-rated helmet, it would be wise to get an SA-rated helmet. Also, the allowance of open-faced helmets in non-modified cars will be ending at some point in the not-too-distant future, so if you are shopping for a new helmet go for a closed-faced model.

When purchasing a helmet, it is prudent to have hardware for a head and neck restraint system installed (or at least buy a pre-drilled helmet), as a head and neck restraint system must be worn when wearing harnesses (see below).

Head and Neck Restraint Systems (started in 2018)

A head and neck restraint system is required when using a harness. 



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