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What is a Concours?


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ConcoursIcon-A-1The word "Concours" was derived from "concours d' elegance" which is French for a "gathering of excellence". It first began in France as a competition to determine the finest carriages.

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The Next Car Show: 2014 Deutsche Marque Concours


30th anniversary deutsch marque

The show is set for Sunday, May 4th, and will again be held at Vienna’s Nottoway Park. The show is a joint effort of the Porsche, Mercedes Benz and BMWs clubs and features some of the most prestigious German automobiles in our area. Each club organizes its own concours event and judging.  The Porsche show will have both “officially judged” classes and “Peoples’ Choice” classes. Those entering the “Concours” class will be judged by teams of 3 judges and a timer with about 3-4 minutes per car to do their scoring.  Judges will score based on cleanliness and overall appearance of interior, exterior, engine and trunk compartments.  Remember there will also be “Peoples’ Choice” (Wash & Shine) classes, so there is no excuse for not entering.

 The exact number of classes will be determined based on how many models of each year register, but we usually have classes for 356s, 914s 928s/924s/944s, early & late 911s, Boxsters and Caymens. Show cars should enter between 8:30 am - 10:30 am. Judging will start at 10:30 am. The awards reception should wrap up by 4:00 pm.

Please Register using this form 2014 DM Registration form.doc

Read more: The Next Car Show: 2014 Deutsche Marque Concours

All About Potomac's "Concours/Car Show" Program


 The word “Concours” was derived from “concours d’ elegance” which is French for a “gathering of excellence”. It first began in France as a competition to determine the finest carriages.  The criteria went far beyond the efficiency of each carriage; judging was based on the sophistication, beauty and refinement of these vehicles. The carriages, released from duty as conveyances and displayed in the most elegant settings, were admired as works of art.  With the dawn of the auto age a new era of craftsmanship and engineering ingenuity began. As a matter of fact many of the early car builders actually started out building carriages and wagons, like Studebaker for example. The Concours d’Elegance followed suit, and concours became a celebration of the automobile. More than a quarter million people now collect, preserve and trade classic automobiles.  The concours d’ elegance exhibits and judges preserved or restored vehicles.  Judges decide who has done the most outstanding job of proper care, maintenance and preparation. 

A true concours is a judged event where Judges selected by the club use a scoring sheet where points are deducted from a maximum possible score based on condition and cleanliness.  Various concours rules are used depending on the level of competition.  PCA Potomac concours are “top only” meaning that the undercarriage of the car is not scored, we stick to the body, interior, trunk and engine compartment. Teams of 3 judges and a timer have about 3-4 minutes per car to do their scoring.  Our only show of this "judged" type is the "Deutsche Marque", but at this show we also have a "People's Choice" class as well.  This year the " Deutsche Marque" will be on Sunday, 4 May and will again be at Nottoway Park in Vienna, Va.




I think its fair to say the most of us bought our Porsches because we think they are really a very special car, not just some way to get from point A to B. So what is one of the nicest things you can do for such a great car that also makes you feel really good?  The right answer is taking part in one of your club's concours or "low key" wash & shine events, also called "People's Choice". Remember that there are many opportunities to win a really great looking trophy.  The exact number of classes at our events are kept flexible depending on the expected number of participants.

Check the calendar and Concours events schedule for 2014.  The listing also shows some major non-PCA Potomac car shows in 2014. If you have any further questions contact Concours Chairman, Ron Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at  (703) 409-0513.

Photos below are from "'Gathering of the Faithful" held each Labor Day weekend in Reston Town Center, Va

(featuring 356 and other oldies, but open to all year Porsches) gathering_of_the_faithful

gathering-2 2011


 Below photos are from "Deutsche Marque Concours d' Elegance" at Nottaway Park, Vienna, Va.

concours_picture_3.jpg 22nd_annual_deutsche_marque_concours_delegance.jpg







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