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2015 Concours Show Schedule

Event Date Location Results
32st Annual Deutsche Marque Concours d’elegance Sunday,
May 3, 2015
Nottaway Park, Vienna, VA  
Rally & “People Choice” car show Augustoberfest Sunday,
Aug 23, 2015
Hagerstown, MD  
“Gathering of the Faithful” featuring 356s. Cars are not judged, just lots of door prizes and fun. Saturday,
Sept 5, 2015

VW Hqtrs,Bldg

2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive, Herndon, Va  20171

PCA Potomac Club Picnic and “low key” car show. Saturday,
Sept. 19, 2015

Fort Hunt Park in

Alexandria, VA


What is a Concours?


concours concoursgathering 

ConcoursIcon-A-1The word "Concours" was derived from "concours d' elegance" which is French for a "gathering of excellence". It first began in France as a competition to determine the finest carriages.

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It Was A Spectacluar DEUTSCHE MARQUE

Dan Rogers wins Best of Show 2014 Deutsche Marque

“Spectacular” was the word most often heard at Nottoway Park in Vienna as people commented on the 2014 Deutsche Marque. A field full of Germany’s finest automobiles was indeed a beautiful sight.   Among those 200 gleaming cars were 70 Porsches, including 15 356s, a couple of 914s, a 912, and 50 + 911s of all years along with many Boxsters and Caymans.   The weather was nearly perfect and he field was dry despite days of heavy rain earlier in the week. “Best of Marque” and “1st place in 356 Judged” went to Dan Roger’s beautiful dark green “64 356 Coupe with an absolutely sparkling engine and superb car overall. As a fellow 356er, it beats me how he got it so spotless. Chris Wilson’s ’67 “Soft Window” Coupe received an award for most unique (seldom seen) car, which was also beautifully presented.

“People’s Choice” is always interesting because as the saying goes “ beauty is in the eye of the beholder” Proof of this was clear in the “People’s Choice “ “Open Car” class when 1st place went to Gary Brindle’s always immaculate 2010 Boxster, but 3rd place went to Megan Murphy’s ’76 914 which looked like it had last been washed in 1976!! I think Megan needs to visit “Intersport” where her dad might be able to give her some help.

The overall event went off very smoothly thanks to great support from the volunteer judges headed by Matt de Maria and Joe Howell. Great organization by the registration team of Lonnie Kessler, David Gross and Diana Davis kept things running smoothly at the sign-up table.

The wine & cheese reception was a huge success thanks to the efforts of Jim McLeod and Rick & Dayna Flanagan for handling purchase and delivery of drinks and ice and “bartender” Richard Hudson . A special thanks to John Hopkins of Fairfax County Parks whose hard work and cooperation during the entire day made our show such a success.

Our Club truly appreciates the support of sponsors “Porsche of Tysons”, “Mercedes-Benz of Tysons”, “BMW of Fairfax”, “Odds & Ends Detailing”, “Dent Masters” , “Harrell’s Miniatures”, “Cocomatts.com”, “Dent Masters” and “Radial Tire Co.” .

The 2014 Deutsche Marque Winners are as follows:

Best of Marque

Dan Rogers   ’64 356 Coupe

Most Unique

Chris Wilson, ’67 “Soft Window” Coupe

356 (Concours)

1st – Dan Rogers   ’64 356 Coupet

2nd – Harvey Cherner, ’62 Cabriolet

3rd – Jim Hobbins, ’63 356B Coupe

Early 911s,912s,914s 1965-83 (Concours)

1st – Daniel Blair, ’66 911

2nd – Kelly Manley ’73 “914”

3rd – Andy Jaunzemis, ’71   911S Coupe

Mid-911s 1984 - 98 (Concours)

1st – Steve Mackeller, ’97 911S

2nd – Erik Sulcs , ’96 911C2

3rd – Brandon Jones, ’90 911 Carrera 2 Cab

Late 911s 1999 – 2012 (Concours)

1st – Richard Waddell, ‘2008 911 Carrera S

2nd – Don Zelm, ‘2012 911 GTS

3rd – Charles Stringfellow, 2003 911 Turbo

Boxster/Cayman (Concours)

1st – Ron Gordon, ’07 Cayman S

2nd – James Skelly,   ’08 Cayman

3rd –  Scott Stevens , ’08 Boxster S

924, 928, 944, 968 (Concours)

1st – Joe Howell, ’84 “944”

2nd – Brian Schmergel, ’93 “928 GTS”

3rd – Mike Copperthite, ’88 “924S”

356s (People’s Choice)

1st – Bill Tate, ’58 356 “Speedster”

2nd – “Littlejohn” Schebish, ’58 356 Speedster

3rd – Tim Berardelli ‘ 59 356 “Convertible D”

Coupes All Years (People’s Choice)

1st – Russell Kessler, ’72 911

2nd – Walt Ziffer, ’08 911 GT2

3rd – Don Flynn, 2002 911-996 Coupe

Open Cars All Years (People’s Choice)

1st – Gary Brindle, ’10 Boxster

2nd – Roger Downey, ’02   911

3rd – Megan Murphy, ’76 “914”

Potomac PCA Deutsch Marque Concours - The Full Video

Now check out the Full Version of this video.


It was a major effort to try and squeeze down 2 hours of HD video into about 12 minutes of video fun…but it’s done. The event at Nottoway Park on May 6th was a great event for all the Porsche, Mercedes and BMW fans.

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