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Cars 'n Coffee gatherings

There are several venue's around the Washington DC area that now have regular gatherings, some are active only during the warmer months and a few are active all year.  Here is the list that we are aware of, feel free to let us know of others:

Fair Lakes, Va.

Sundays, roughly 8:30-10:30 a.m., Fair Lakes (Va.) Starbucks for coffee and cars is the site, 12599 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax, Va., just off Interstate 66 at exit 55B.  Don't look for many cars if the weather is inclement.

Hunt Valley, Md.

Saturdays, 8-10 a.m., Hunt Valley Towne Centre @ Joe's Crab Shack, 118 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, Md. Many, many cars of all types.

Burtonsville, Md.

Sundays, 7:30-10 a.m., "Church of the Holy Donut," Dunkin' Donuts, corner of Routes 29 & 198, Burtonsville, Md.

Great Falls, Va.

Saturdays, 7-9 a.m., Katies's Cars & Coffee in Great Falls, Va., 760 Walker Road, Great Falls, Va. This is perhaps the premier gathering of interesting cars in the D.C. area, but be there early like 7 a.m. If you are much later than that, parking can be difficult. Literally dozens and dozens of facinating cars. The coffee and food at Katie's are also tasty. Don't look for many cars if the weather is inclement. On a sunny day it is easily one of the best car shows you have ever attended and it is free.

Bethesda, Md.

Saturdays, 8~10:30, Corner Bakery,10327 Westlake Drive, Bethesda Md. (behind Montgomery Mall). This is probably one of the newest locations, just starting up in 2012. It only runs through October, while the number of cars is not as large as others yet it is very low key and friendly. To see a quick video on it go to Cars n' Coffee/Bethesda.

Darnestown, Md.

If you are in the area this is a new event which will be held weekly on Sunday mornings.
Mike Dietz is the co-manager of a newer group that is trying to establish an event for car enthusiasts in this part of Montgomery County so they won't need to travel to the events closer in and across the river.

Darnestown is about 10 miles out River Road from the beltway, 270 or about 5 miles south of Germantown. If you live up this way, it will be great to come and see some Neighbors that share your passion.This is a new event that started July 2014 and is growing quickly!This Sunday, it will be held at 9:30 am. at NICKS Pizza which is located on Seneca Road about 1/4 mile from Darnestown Road (Route 28).More info on their Facebook page. Search: Potomac Cafe Racers


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