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der Vorgänger is the official magazine of the Founders' Region Potomac, Porsche Club of America, Inc.

Around 2500 copies are mailed to our members each month, packed with news on the life of the club and announcements of upcoming events. This is made possible by two very committed groups of people, our der Vorgänger team and our advertisers. See Recent Issues.

A word about older dV issues (Year 2007 and older).  The club's historians have collected and maintained a set of older dV issues and in collaboration with the website team have made these issues available on our website. There is a link to the left on this page to access these older magazines.  The following restrictions apply.  You must be a PCA Potomac member in good standing, have a valid login to the website (this is how you gain access to all restricted content on the website - such as board meeting minutes, financial statements, etc.) and you must agree not to further disseminate these issues or their contents. 


Glenn Cowan, Publisher dvpublisher@pcapotomac.org

Glenn has been a Porsche owner going back to a 924 Turbo followed by a 944 Turbo, two 993 Cabs, 2 Boxsters and currently a 911 Targa 4S. Since joining PCA nearly 30 years ago he has participated actively in Autocross, HPDC, Rallies, Drive and Dines and the past 6 years as Co-Editor of dV.

As Publisher of the Potomac PCA magazine he is responsible for budget management and the varied interests and concerns of our many advertisers and editorial supporters.

The Editing Team dveditor@pcapotomac.org

Our editorial team is the engine room of the magazine. These three enthusiasts report, gather, and compile the best of the club's activities, members, DIY know-how, and more to produce the magazine each month.

Michael Sherman

My fascination with Porsche started at about age 8 when like most young boys I started leafing through Road&Track, getting car posters on my bedroom walls, and builing model cars as a hobby. My attention was always on the Porsche 911 for some reason. After college I found myself the owner of an older 3.2 911 Carrera. I joined the PCA right away but wasn't very active. For some reason the events seemed to be for other people; not me. Fast forward 15 years and I started down the path of getting a new 911, and with that my interest in the club was renewed. I vowed to attend events, and I did! Autocross, car shows, social events. It was at one of these social events that the past editor Richard Curtis and I discussed my involvement. I expressed interest in helping out however I could, and next thing I knew I was part of a co-editing team on dV! Involved, indeed. I'm looking forward to doing my best to continue the level of dV we've all come to enjoy under Richard's tenure. From my perspective as a long-time member who wasn't really engaged at first, I want to do my best to bring content that will help demystify the events and help more people get more involved; whether it be Autocross, DE,Drive n' Dine, or just a breakfast. In my humble opinion, one of the best things about our club is the huge variety of activities available. I'll do my best to showcase these as the dV issues come together.

Ed Hahn, Membership Director

Ed does the hard work of producing a monthly membership mailing list and maintaining the list of advertisers, other bulk deliveries, and complementary mailings that we send to advertisers and other important folks who need multiple copies. He also works closely with our printer to ensure that all addresses are verified before the mailing goes out each month, and to research and correct bad mailing addresses. In addition, Ed also compiles the lists of membership anniversaries and new members that are published in each edition.

Michael Madrid, Photo Editor

Michael is a professional photographer with USA Today, and an avid Porsche fan. His pictures have appeared in der Vorgänger for a number for years, and on several Porsche-related web sites. As our de facto staff photographer, Micheal is shooting striking images that capture the beauty and the character of the club and our members doing what they love most. Michael also applies his creative magic to producing the multimedia bonus packages that now accompany our cover stories. Michael refined this technique for covering the Olympics, and is using it to great advantage to show our cover story subjects to best advantage.

Ken Marks, Contributing Photographer

Ken has been shooting since the mid-1970s, with a focus on portraits and landscapes, sporting events and glamour. He is a member of Nikon Professional Services (NPS), and his landscape photographs taken in the Washington, DC area have won awards. Ken's sports photography focuses on automobiles and sports car racing. I have travelled the world to photograph automobiles and races. In July 2010, Ken's photos of the Allure of the Automobile Exhibit held at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA were featured in a 3-page layout in der Vörganger. Since then, he has been a Contributing Photographer for the magazine, and has been published in Porsche Panorama magazine (August 2011).

Glenn Cowan, Advertising Chair advertising@pcapotomac.org

There is a great position available for an enthusiast with the skills to manage der Vorgänger advertising. This position includes manging the existing advertisers and ensuring they are getting everything they need, developing new advertisers for the magazine, and working closely with the Publisher and Treasurer to ensure that the advertising revenue is well managed. This is a key position in the club, with lots of Exec visibility. if you are interested, please email Tony Kelly at tonyk@pcapotomac.org. 

Mia Walsh, Frequent Contributor

Mia Walsh is one of our frequent article writers and photographers. Special interest articles are her specialty, ranging from Porsche’s activities in Sicily and the historic Targa Florio to all of the social, driving and meeting events held by PCA Potomac region. In Europe, she also coordinates the articles for races like Le Mans and other F1 events. In addition, after winning a college scholarship for photography in the 80’s, she sometimes uses her talent to provide action photographs for our magazine.


It would be impossible to produce a high quality magazine like der Vorgänger without the financial support of our advertisers. We are fortunate to have a great group of businesses that support the club and our members by advertising in derVorganger. Without their advertising revenue, the magazine could not be the high quality color production that our members read so avidly each month. We truly appreciate their support.

For information on advertising in der Vorgänger, email advertising@pcapotomac.org and download our current Advertising Rate Card.

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